Monday, January 25, 2016

Bullet Journal - The Pen Trials

As you, my fellow pen enthusiasts know, the quest for the perfect pen is never ending.

These are my latest collection. Here are the two packs I acquired this week. 

1. Bic Intensity Fine 

They are super fine tip, the colors are pretty. We'll see how long they last. I purchased two 5 packs from staples. You can get them here and here. They are also available on amazon here and here, but they are more expensive.

I really needed both packs to get the number of colors I wanted, and even then, I wish I had more.

I do really like the way they write. My days are crisp and clean, except for my mistakes, which are numerous, ha.

Here is an example of a page written with these pens. Don't mind the ghosting, I plan on choosing a different journal next time around. 

2. Foray Stylemark Fine .5mm pens

I picked these up at Officemax. They are also available on Amazon, but they are more expensive. 

Here is an example with these pens. Less ghosting, but not due to pens. There is just far less written on the opposite page. 

The colors are bold and pretty. They do feather a bit more than the Bic intensity. I really like both and have been using both sets in my bullet journal all week long. 

Tell me friends, what are your favorite pens to use in your journal? Have you found the perfect pen? Does it even exist, or are we all chasing unicorns?